Polarised Light Images

This is a technique perfected by Dr. Jouhar in the early 1960’s. By placing interesting objects made of cellophane, plastic, glass etc. on a flat plane and photographing them using transmitted light, and at the same time using polarising filters, very interesting colours and effects can be achieved. For example, polarised light can be used to deliberately increase the apparent saturation of a colour.

Jouhar used a 2 1/4″ square Hasselblad camera for these pictures, as you can see in the photo of him. A translucent sheet of glass was used above the light source to diffuse the light, and a 10″ square polarising sheet was placed on the top-most piece of glass. Just in front of the camera lens was a polarising filter that could be rotated to achieve the desired effect. You can read a whole article about this technique HERE