Photographic Fine Art Association

Today, you will undoubtedly agree that some Photography can be considered to be Fine Art – but this has not always been the case, and Dr. Jouhar played an important role in changing attitudes in this regard. Over a period of many years during the 1950’s, Dr Jouhar argued, often forcefully, that photography was a ‘Fine Art’. No classic artist agreed, and there was significant resistance to change amongst the “establishment” at the Royal Photographic Society. 

However, as time passed, sufficient support was gathered and he formed (in August 1961) the Photographic Fine Art Association, and he was its Chairman

The Photographic Fine Art Association’s definition of Fine Art:

“Creating images that evoke emotion by a photographic process in which one’s mind and imagination are freely but competently exercised. From a technical point of view, therefore, personally controlled, disciplined interpretation and technical execution, showing fine perception and skill in the making shall be necessary requirements of such work in colour or monochrome.”

The Association presented its First Exhibition, entitled ‘Photography as a Fine Art’ in the Concert Suite at the Royal Festival Hall, London from November 1st to 26th, 1961.


People must be conditioned to recognizing photography as Fine Art. That is what I am trying to establish”

“Nowhere, to my knowledge, has there ever been an exhibition showing photography as a Fine Art in this country”

Dr. S.D.Jouhar – 1961