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In 1959 Dr Jouhar took a 6-month trip to India. The first 3 months were spent travelling around to scout for suitable locations to take pictures. During this time very few pictures were taken as he did not want to open his film stocks and expose them to the heat. The last 3 months resulted in many pictures taken all over the country, at locations that he had previously visited, and I have made a selection of these pictures into a book:

Publications by S.D.Jouhar

Jouhar’s innovative polarised light technique offers a unique means of expression in form and colour that is often beyond the capabilities of a man with paint and a brush. Read about it HERE

In this talk that Jouhar gave to the Pictorial Group of the RPS in 1954, he asks…. Why do people make pictures ? ….. Why do they exhibit them? He also discusses What makes an Exhibition print ? –   Read the talk HERE

When 35mm cameras became more widely used in the 1940’s, there was a lot of snobbery from those who thought the negatives were too small to make a decent print. Jouhar gave a talk to the Miniature Camera Group where he displayed prints he had produced from several different sized cameras, and he challenged the doubters to tell the difference.  Read the full story HERE

Photographic clubs and societies often discussed Pictorialism but rarely was any attempt made to define Pictorialism before having the animated discussions and disagreements. In this talk, which was published in the Photographic Journal, Jouhar gives his definition and also discusses the Composition and the Technical qualities of a picture. Read the full text HERE

In this talk, given to the RPS Pictorial Group in 1946, Jouhar discusses the difference between “Pictorial” photographs and those he considers to be “Records”. He also further develops his thinking and opinions regarding his strongly held view that Photography is a Fine Art – a view not shared by many at the RPS at that time. Read the text HERE

In this talk, given to the Pictorial Group of the RPS in 1945, Jouhar attempts to define Composition as it applies to a photograph. He discusses Cross composition, Diagonals and Curves, and Circular composition. Read the talk HERE

During WWII , Jouhar had fewer opportunities to go out taking photographs so he took a lot of indoor portraits and figure studies (always chaperoned by his wife, when photographing nudes !!)  He gave a talk to the RPS Pictorial Group in 1951. Read about it HERE

2 Articles by S.D.Jouhar published in editions of Amateur Photographer magazine in 1954. The first one is titled “Action Snapshots” and the second is titled “Paranormal Photography”.

Read both of the articles HERE

An Obituary was published in the Royal Photographic Society Journal in 1963, shortly after S.D.Jouhar died. It contained a very good summary of his contribution to the world of photography.

You can read the obituary HERE